Frequently Asked Questions

There are often similar questions asked by New Brunswickers with regards to insurance issues. We have compiled our most frequently asked ones and published them here for you. Please feel free to browse our FAQs and if you don't find the answer to your question, give us a call at 1-888-283-5111.

I am paying my auto insurance on monthly payments and I had no money in my account at time of withdrawal. Can my insurance company cancel my policy?
I went to see my broker for insurance. I gave him all the necessary information. I was given a quote but when I received the papers from the insurance company, the amount was higher. Are they allowed to do that?
Can I sue the at fault party who is from out of province for the damages to my vehicle?
If I am involved in an accident in New-Brunswick and I am not at fault, how do I get paid?
If I have a not at fault accident and I get paid for my damages, do I have to pay any deductible?
What happens if I have an accident where both parties are equally at fault?
Who will pay for resulting damages from an accident: IE: Fuel from fuel truck, cargo, cargo truck, cargo spill etc.?
I was involved in an accident and I do not agree with the percentage of fault determined by my insurance company.
I was involved in an accident with injuries. I need treatments but they are telling me my private medical plan is primary. Is this true?
My insurer will not renew my home insurance. Is he allowed?
My premium keeps going up. What can I do?
I had an accident in a parking lot. Is it always 50/50 on responsibility?
I hit a moose, what happens next?
If I’m involved in a motor vehicle accident and I am not responsible, will my premium go up?

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